Our Services

Below are a few services Callidus Security offers

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments

    A full assessment of your corporate network's susceptability to internal and external attack via common exploitation methods. Compliance to common standards and practices is tested and an overall review of your organization's security posture is determined.

  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessments

    Your web applications can be analyzed for common exploitation vectors such as configuration and deployment testing, authorization and session management testing, input validation testing, and client-side attacks.

  • Network Penetration Testing

    A deep analysis and full-scale test of your organization's network security. We will operate as a red team on your network, putting your systems and processes to the test from the perspective of a "malicious actor". Our final report details how we gained access and what mitigation steps can be taken to protect your organization from similar attacks.

  • Social Engineering & Phishing Engagements

    Are your employees capable of spotting attempts to trick them into giving a malicious actor access to your network or company information? We can test your employees' ability to maintain diligent security practices by simulating a phishing campaign against your organization.

  • Architecture Review

    We can work with you to develop an IT infrastructure that is built with security in mind from the start. Identity Management, Universal Two Factor Authentication, encrypted communications, backup and asset management are just a few approaches that can dramatically decrease the likelihood of a breach or reduce the financial impact of one.

  • Cybersecurity Training

    Do your employees need regular cybersecurity training that does more than simply "checks the box"? Our engaging trainings will help your employees understand the importance of being diligent in their security practices not just in your organization but personally as well.